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These two water signs transcend the physical world to intuit one another, telepathically communicate and make decisions based on mutual vibes.Pisces brings out Scorpio’s tender side…but if love hits the skids, this pairing can bring out the ruthlessness in each.While many others supported Russell with encouraging or appreciative words for his great efforts this season., after their falling out, and the project turned out to be a big success.Cameras captured both of them and many wondered if that would apply added pressure on Russell, along with the obvious pressure of having to win the playoff game in a push for the Super Bowl…Some ATL fans even used Ciara’s exes to attempt to distract Russell with signs like these… No worries -- we're here to remind you of all your favorite lost loves. Some are so brief, we can forget about them altogether.

Bow Wow and Future are the exes that are currently trending though. Because they were the talk of social media when they popped up at Saturday’s playoff game and sat sideline (obviously in clear eye view of Russell) in support of their home team of Atlanta.

“Her dream changed from just wanting to be famous performer to wanting to establish a solid future, so that her son can grow up without the struggles she suffered,” according to

Lately, she’s been settling down, including in her relationship with rapper Bow Wow, which began with an impromptu on-air kiss.

What ended up happening is the Seahawks did take the ‘L’ with the final score being 36-20 Atlanta Falcons.

Afterwards, many people took to social media to taunt Russell for what they perceived as him crumbling to the pressure of Ciara’s exes sitting on the sideline.