Hermaphrodite chating

First, I felt that in the letter by Kelvin Wong, the author had used too broad an interpretation of the Pali word "Pandaka." There is some problem in the interpretation of the word "Pandaka", which was translated as hermaphrodite in his article.

It is not quite exactly correct, since there is another Pali word (Uppatopayanchanok = two sex organ ) that is much more accurately translated as "hermaphrodite." In Vinaya Tripitaka, as was mentioned in the article by Phra Mano, there was a pandaka monk wandering around, having sex with men looking after horses and elephants.

Et je vous rappelle que femelle = XX et mâle = XY, chez les chats, comme chez nous!

is a film which explores such obsession by introducing us to Jeff and Kelly, two individuals who claim to be in love with 80’s pop singer Tiffany.

Evidemment, il est plus aisé de faire le sexage en comparant les chatons d’une même portée !

Chez le mâle, la distance entre ces deux orifices est de l’ordre de 1,2 à 1,4cm, alors que chez la femelle elle sera de l’ordre de 0,5cm.

Furthermore, in the Abhidharma (higher teachings), while it was maintained that a pandaka would not achieve enlightenment in this life time, it would be possible in future lives. " One of my teacher's reponse to this question was to extol the questioner to continue onwards with his practice.

According to a story in the Tripitaka, Ananda the enlightened one - who was Buddha's cousin and close aid, and who recited all the sutra at the first council - was a pandaka in one of his many previous lifes. In Theravada Buddhism, while the five precepts are meant mainly for lay people, the third precept does not stipulate what are "correct sexual acts".

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