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Your address will be given to our Chips Person, who will send one in the mail to you.

Announce your sober time in a meeting, celebrate, and be sure to tell a host or moderator your address.

If you need a meeting verification, let the host know in a private message both at the beginning and at the end of the meeting.

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Please note, only registered hosts can send a verification.

You can suggest who they should ask, or how they could try to find out.

Answer what you feel you can, but it’s fine to say you don’t know.

, has written a compassionate, practical guide that gently reminds women that midlife is not only a time of change but also a time of great freedom.

Now is the time to ask questions about hot flashes and how to get a good night's sleep; the facts about vitamins, supplements, and antidepressants; using diet and exercise to boost energy; the basics of good bone health; preventing cancer and heart disease; and how to recharge your sex life. Holly Thacker is the founder of the interdisciplinary Cleveland Clinic Center for Specialized Women's Health and is a trailblazer in women’s health.

No flash or email required sex chat