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Two days later, Ravi urged friends and Twitter followers to watch via his webcam a second tryst between Clementi and his friend, though the viewing never occurred.

“We were all over the place even in victory,” he concedes.criticism of the perceived underachievement of the Liverpool squad soon followed.The Daily Telegraph later described the ‘Spice Boys’ as a "Group of high-spirited, fun-loving young players who were a central feature of Liverpool's talented and entertaining, but perpetually under-achieving, squad of the Nineties. Others saw them as just an irresponsible bunch who were a bad influence in the dressing-room and should not be given house room." Several incidents around the behaviour of the so-called Spice Boys generated major media attention, notably the squad’s decision to wear matching cream Armani suits to the 1996 FA Cup Final - a game they went on to lose to key rivals Manchester United.The prize up for grabs currently resides in Liverpool and Liam is supremely confident that his belt will not be requiring a change of address.It will be a third defence for Liam and, yes, he will be operating at a whole new level against the 47-1-1 challenger who is no stranger to wearing world championship belts himself, having previously held the WBC title at this weight and more recently at middleweight (although set at a catchweight).